Call Me Confused By The Two Faces of Republicans

It’s only May and I’m already tired of the BS in campaign ads that are taking over television. Heck even my Pandora app isn’t immune.

Here’s the question:

Republicans backing Rick Scott’s bid to unseat U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson are labeling Nelson with the most dastardly description: Nelson is a career politician.

Let’s not even get into the hypocrisy of these same Republicans clamoring to hold onto their majority in the Senate by pushing for the re-election of their career politicians.

What’s really confusing is the two faces being worn by Florida Republicans.

Many of those supporting Scott are also supporting Adam Putnam in his bid to replace Scott in Tallahassee.

Let’s review:

At the age of 22, Putnam was elected to the Florida House in 1996. He served four years there before moving directly to the U.S. House of Representatives where he served 10 years before moving directly to his current role for the last eight years — Florida’s commissioner of agriculture.

Putnam is 43 now. He has spent the last 21 of those years as an elected politician, and now he’s shooting for eight more as governor.

That sounds like a career politician to me. If Nelson is evil, why isn’t Putnam?


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I wrote opinion columns for The Florida Times-Union for 28 years. I retired in December 2017, but I still have a few things to say. Often those thoughts come to me when I'm at our farm in Gadsden County where life is simple and the environment still beautiful.

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