Signs of rebirth

It’s been one month since Hurricane Michael ripped through Roaring Creek Farm.

Some progress is being made in cleaning up the debris from a thousand toppled trees although I still think it will take close to one year to finish the job.

Nature is  renewing itself.

Fresh green leaves are beginning to reappear on the trees that had been stripped by the 130 mph wind.

And in a bit of an oddity for November, blooms have burst open on some of my plum and peach trees. I don’t know if they were confused by the storm or the warmer than usual fall weather.

I had feared the wild turkeys that call the farm home had not survived, but plots planted with chufa show otherwise as within the last week turkeys have torn the ground to get at the  chufa’s tubers.

There are fresh deer tracks, and I spotted a covey of quail this past weekend.

The beauty of Roaring Creek Farm is returning slowly. The road ahead is long, but we will get there.


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I wrote opinion columns for The Florida Times-Union for 28 years. I retired in December 2017, but I still have a few things to say. Often those thoughts come to me when I'm at our farm in Gadsden County where life is simple and the environment still beautiful.

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