Stupidity must be challenged

With a master of deflection in the White House, Americans aren’t paying enough attention to the damage being done to the country.
We can’t continue to be blinded by tweets while the future is being destroyed in the name of profits.
What’s going to get the most attention: Donald Trump inventing the word “smocking” or what his administration did at the United Nations conference in Poland this week.
Trump’s international energy and climate adviser, Wells Griffith, led a panel discussion there that heaped praise on fossil fuels.
The New York Times quoted Griffith as saying, “The United States has an abundance of natural resources and is not going to keep them in the ground. We strongly believe that no country should have to sacrifice their economic prosperity or entergy security in pursuit of environmental sustainability.”
Take a moment and let that twisted logic sink in.
“Environmental sustainability” is the sustainability of life on this planet. Trump and his acolytes are willing to condemn the future for dollars today.
That’s also behind his gutting of wetland protections and the weakening of clean air and clean water standards.
In Florida, we are all too familiar with this stupidity.
For eight years, Gov. Rick Scott helped to pad the pockets of developers and polluters, and we’ve been left with mammoth outbreaks of red tide, poisonous algae blooms, a stressed aquifer and declining springs.
And like Trump, Scott refuses to acknowledge climate change and the very real impacts that it is having not just in the future but today.
Now Scott goes to Washington as a senator who will more than likely support Trump’s unholy crusade to make his friends and himself richer.
I don’t know how many letters I’ve seen from readers that are published in the Times-Union that end with “Wake up, America!”
Well: Wake up, America and Florida and Jacksonville!
It’s the responsibility of those of us living today to ensure a livable planet for future generations.
We are failing.

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I wrote opinion columns for The Florida Times-Union for 28 years. I retired in December 2017, but I still have a few things to say. Often those thoughts come to me when I'm at our farm in Gadsden County where life is simple and the environment still beautiful.

One thought on “Stupidity must be challenged”

  1. Sorry, Ron, but I agree with the comment we all have heard that you can’t cure stupid. And when stupid is coupled with greed, there isn’t a chance for change.


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